hanging system

The Gallery Hanging System is a strong flexible picture hanging system which quickly adapts to changing needs. It is a patent system, designed and manufactured in Australia. It is made up of three items.


TRACK fixes to the wall. Available in white or anodised silver finish

HANGERS fit to the track and adjust side to side

HOOKS fit onto the hangers and adjust up and down

You have a choice of two types of hangers- CT (clear tape) and SSC (stainless steel cable)

THE CT HANGER pack contains 30m of strong clear tape and ten locking capsules which slide into the track. The flat tape offers advantages over other plastic hangers. It’s wide area of grip means the hook won’t slip. Secondly the flat tape ensures that the hook always points outward ready to accept the picture. Recommended weight on the hanger is 15kg. You can generally hang several pictures on the one hanger.

THE SSC SYSTEM uses the same track but the hangers are made of 1.2mm stainless steel cable. These come in packs of ten x 2m cables and include ten track slides which fit into the track and support the other cables. Other lengths can be made to order. This system allows you to fit the hangers into the track at any point rather than having to feed them into the end of the track (as with the clear tape hangers). This means less need to disturb other works when rehanging an area. Recommended weight on one hanger is 30kg. Recommended weight on one hook is 20kg.

STANDARD HOOK can be used on both the Clear Tape and Stainless Steel Cable hangers. Locks in place using Allen key supplied in each pack of ten. Holds 20kg. (CT system max weight is 15kg). PUSH-BUTTON HOOK Tool free operation. You simply push the button on top to move the hook to a new position. Holds 20kg. SECURITY HOOK are designed to beat “snatch and run” art theft. A stainless steel locking plate snaps into position so the picture is held captive. It won’t release unless you know how to open it. Holds 20kg. (CT system max weight is 15kg).


When displaying art it is extremely important to incorporate the correct lighting – art lighting can now be accessed much easier. An entirely new way to light art for picture hanging. Low voltage light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art. Like the hanging systems they can be easily moved to any position on the track. Just lock them on and they light up your picture.

Because our system places the lamps close to the art, lighting is much more effective. For the same reason the system uses only 20 watt lamps instead of the usual 50 watt – a major power cost saving. Please contact us for more information including pricing on the Gallery Hanging and Lighting System.


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